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We are employment law and human resources lawyers with offices in Norwich, Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford.

Our Employment Legal Advisors understand the legal implications for both the employer and the employee. Our legal advisors are experts at helping you navigate through the legal complexities of employment law and will work with you to realise a speedy and satisfactory outcome.

Employment Advice and Solutions – Legal Advice for the Employee

Facing your issues in the work place can be extremely daunting and seeking expert legal advice in respect of redundancy, grievance or discrimination might seem rather scary at first. At Employment Advice and Solutions we are well versed and known for our reliable legal advice and legal representation. Assisting our clients with their claim applications to the Employment Tribunal and helping them through the statutory legal procedures that come with contract disputes, unfair dismissal or discrimination in the workplace is what we do at Employment Advice and Solutions.

Employment Advice and Solutions – Legal Advice for the Employer

No matter how big or small your business is; employing staff comes with a large number of legal procedures and protocols in order to protect you, your business and the employee. However when things to do go wrong you will need the help of expert employment lawyers to help you resolve the situation quickly and at minimal cost to the business. You may be facing one or a number of issues and on receipt of a claim to the Employment tribunal naming you as a respondent you will need to know that you have expert legal advice and representation. Not all disputes reach a Tribunal you may just need support and guidance on contracts of employment or clarification on the legal ramifications in respect of your Human Recourses.

In a world with a huge volume of ever changing legislation, we aim to stop things going wrong, but if they do, we undertake to assist with a ‘cradle to the grave’ partnership for HR and employment law issues. Our objective is to provide innovative employment law advice; support and representation that helps you reach agreeable outcomes with all of your employees.

At Employment Advice and Solution we work on an hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis. We are conscious that financial flexibility and an ability to assess the cost benefit of our service is important. Please call us for free initial consultation, and a no obligation quote.

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